Wrath of Olives' Operation Room has published on Sunday a video and photo story on its official website saying that their forces carried out an operation south of Idlib, in which two mercenaries of Failaq al-Sham had been killed and that a point of the mercenary gangs had been completely destroyed.

The text of the statement published on the website is:

“Wrath of Olives' Operations Room has undertaken the qualitative operation of our troops in the southern countryside of Idlib, in its response to the continuous violations committed by the mercenaries against our people in Afrin canton, our armed units stationed in Idlib and on 30/6/2018 targeted a guard points for Faliak al-Sham gangs. This mercenary gang who played a prominent role in the occupation of Afrin, and looting and insulting innocent citizens and as a result of the specific operation carried out by our units, the target point was completely destroyed and two mercenaries were killed, namely Ali al-Hammoud and Khalid al-Faris.”

“Therefore, as we swore by the dust of Afrin and the blood of our comrades which flowed through the plains and the mountains of Afrin, their blood has not yet dried up, we threaten all the gangs that have legitimized the presence of the Turks in Afrin with severe retaliation in all their places of residence,1-Idlib, 2-Afrin, 3- Azaz, 4- Mare’, 5- al-Bab, 6- Jarablus, 7- al-Raei, and the days will prove the truthfulness of our words. Actions speak louder than words, this is going to be translated into acts, so be patient Afrin, we will avenge soon.”