Workshop to discuss Security Council resolution 1325 on women in conflicts

On Wednesday, the theme of the workshop organized by the Syrian Women's Council in the city of Kobani focused on the Security Council's resolution 1325 on women, which was considered effective in bringing peace and security in the times of conflicts, and how Syrian women could benefit from the decision to strengthen their decision-making role and participation in all areas.

The member of the Executive Body of the Syrian Women's Council Jihan Mohammed, the Council's spokeswoman Lina Barakat, the directors and members of the Syrian Women's Council in Kobani canton, Girê Spî and Manbij city, and members of Democratic Autonomous Administration institutions participated in the workshop, which was held on Wednesday.

The participants in the workshop held at the Free Women Center of Kobani city discussed the Security Council resolution on women, which emphasized on respecting the specificity of women and their involvement in conservation and peace-building processes in conflict-affected areas.

Through the discussions, women participants presented suggestions and views on the protection of women and young women during conflicts and actively engagement in the peace-building process under the resolution.

The discussions also focused on the rehabilitation of women who had suffered from the crisis, their integration in the society, the sensitization of women about the subjection to sexual exploitation and demanding the concerned governments for their permanent commitment to the implementation of resolution 1325.

The participants discussed the importance of implementing this decision in Syria, which has been witnessing wars and conflicts since 8 years. Women were victims of various types of violence and kidnapping.

They also stressed the need to raise awareness in schools and homes, focus on gender equality, training and rehabilitating men to get rid of the masculine mentality and the work to introduce women to their history to be able to find solutions and get rid of weakness.

At the end of the workshop, the participants presented their views on the themes of the workshop and the topics discussed.



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