Women's Council in North and East Syria declares its solidarity with HDP detainees

The Women’s Council in North and East Syria condemned the practices of the Turkish authorities against the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), and said that Turkey has once again demonstrated its chauvinism against peoples, and declared its support for all detainees and detainees in their struggle.

This came during a statement issued to the public opinion.

The text of the statement is as follows:

Once again, the ruling authorities in Turkey, under the leadership of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), prove their distance from democracy and their pursuit of all chauvinistic means with their own people and neighboring peoples, and they no longer hide their sponsorship of the ISIS caliphate and other radical organizations bearing the Ottoman character, as they carried out a series of arrests on the 25th of this September, a group of leaders and administrators and a number of prominent members of the HDP reached eighty-two people, including a number of women politicians and human rights activists due to their participation in pro-demonstrations for the city of Kobani in its struggle and resistance to the attacks of the dark forces of ISIS in 2014 in fulfillment of the moral duty and humanitarianism and a rejection of the Turkish state policy and its violation of international human rights covenants and norms.

The crimes the Turkish state commits against its citizens and the neighboring countries in proportion to the amount of evil and injustice that it spreads wherever it is found is clear evidence of its political and intellectual bankruptcy, and its inability to find ways of dialogue and consolidate security and stability internally and externally, and at a time when it must harness its full potential to serve its people and its well-being, we see it accelerate the construction of prisons to throw political detainees and human rights activists, and it is more involved in regional and international wars such as Syria, Iraq, Libya, and we have made fun of its loyalists from the mercenary militias of the Syrians to throw them to perdition.

We in the Women’s Council in North and East Syria condemn and denounce these practices by the Turkish authorities against the Democratic Peoples' Party, civil society organizations, women's and human rights organizations in Turkey and their dark policies in neighboring countries, and we call on the international community to intervene to reduce these crimes committed and stand in the face of the arrogance of the Ottoman Sultan Al-Muaser and his entourage, and we declare our support for all detainees in their struggle to achieve justice, peace and democracy in Turkey. "



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