What leader Ocalan said in 20 years ago, being now implemented on ground

Mother Asmahan Rasoul urged the necessity to strengthen relations between neighboring countries and a peaceful solution away from war, which was noted by the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, whom she met 20 years ago.

The mother Asmahan Rasoul 50 year-old, from the village of Kafar Safra in Jandres district belonging to Janders district in Afrin canton, met with the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan in Aleppo in 1997.

On the details of what happened during the meeting with the leader Ocalan, Asmahan said that the leader stressed at the time the need to strengthen relations between neighboring countries and find a solution to the crises of the Middle East away from war.

Asmahan Rasoul noted of the subjects which had been focused by leader Abdullah Ocalan, "The leader urged the need to perform the tasks entrusted to the people and work to organize the people, and noted that in this way we will take steady steps to achieve the liberation of all oppressed peoples."

Asmahan pointed out that the leader at the time stressed the need to spread his thought and philosophy among all components, and focused on uniting the efforts of the people to address the conspiracies facing the Kurdish people, and this is what requires us now too, that is, the leader was aware of what will face the Kurdish people 20 years ago.

"The words of the leader are now being applied on the ground. He noted the strengthening of relations between neighboring countries to serve the people along with his demand for peace and rejection of all forms of war to curb the bloodshed, which confirms this in his last letter he also sent on 12 August 2019.

At the end of her speech, Asmahan pledged to move forward with the approach of the Kurdish people leader Abdullah Ocalan and make efforts to implement what he asked of us.



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