What is the Turkish state plan to occupy Başûr

A journalist working in Ashur (south Kurdistan), Erdogan Altan, revealed that 280 villages were emptied in the region due to Turkish air strikes and the cooperation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iraq.

The process of "Claw" launched by the Turkish occupation army on 27 May last is still continued against the region of Biradost and Başûr, and continue through aerial bombardment. These attacks targeted civilians directly. on the other hand, Turkish moves are increasing to empty the area from its indigenous inhabitants.

Başûr's journalist, Erdogan Altan, told ANHA about the attacks and the emptying of villages and Turkish intelligence MIT policies in Başûr.

'Military bases established by Başûr's government.

Altan said that the main objective of the attacks was to realize the dream of returning the Ottoman Empire within the boundaries of the Milli Charter" and said that "Milli Charter covers the lands stretching from Aleppo to Mosul and Kirkuk." Since 1994 more than 20 military and intelligence bases have been established in, Başûr, Zakho, Sulaymaniyah, Dohuk, Diana, Bamernî, Amediye and Kanîmasî, these bases were established by the government in Başûr. "

'The goal is to impose governance on Iraqi territory'

Turkey has been trying to tell the local forces that "this process or large-scale attacks are not against you," Turkey shows hostility in public against the PKK. "The main aim of the attacks is to impose governance on Iraqi territory. As for the Turkish movements on the borders of Başûr and Bakur (north Kurdistan), the journalist continued, "There were instructions from the Ministry of Health sealed in red. These instructions were directed to the health institutions operating in the border area between Başûr and Bakur, in which all permits and holidays for health workers are canceled. In the border area, preventing the people in these areas from going out to the hills or grazing their livestock in the border area, and the Turkish Red Crescent works to withdraw blood and store it....

Turkish intelligence MIT movements and "Peshmerga Roj"

Altan revealed movements between Turkish intelligence MIT and Peshmerga Roj, Peshmerga Roj who stationed, they are trained by Turkish officers at Turkish military bases in Batûfa area within the territory of Başûr. They also concentrated in the area from Zaxo to Berwariya, Bamernî, Şêladizê and the near the Goşînê in Soranê area. Turkish intelligence MIT went to all its agents in the region to defame the PKK and to show the Guerilla in a weak position in front of the Turkish soldiers. In order to empty the villages, the Turkish intelligence service, Peshmerga Roj, promoted meetings for the people and threatened them in various ways. "These activities are aimed at inciting the people and pressing them to take part in demonstrations against the PKK."

'The Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iraq is cooperating with Turkish intelligence MIT and the National Union Party is no less cooperative'

He stressed that the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iraq seeks to take advantage of the Turkish targets and find a place in the scheme of assassinations of the PKK, saying "the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iraq and to facilitate the Turkish occupation moves with the Turkish intelligence In this context, the Turkish intelligence has established a people in it Hewler, Dahuk, Zakho and  Amediyê, in addition to the presence of its members in the Sulaymaniyah and Germiyanê lines within a number of private companies in the region where there are more than 390 Turkish companies, some of them members of the KDP-Iraq intelligence, The Kurdistan National Party is no less cooperative with the Turkish intelligence, the Kurdistan National Party is divided into two parts within it, part of which cooperates with the Turkish state and provides all forms of cooperation, and there are interests related to power, economy and family and personal interests, behind cooperation with the Turkish state. "

'More than 280 villages have been emptied from its population'

According to Altan, more than 280 villages were emptied of their population as a result of aerial bombardment of the Turkish occupation army and cooperation of the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iraq.

"The main objective of the attacks and the emptying of the villages, without a doubt, is to separate the people and the PKK and make the villages empty of its population," he said, adding that Turkey wants to impose a security zone extending from its borders to the area of ​​ Soranê.  KDP –Iraq which is ruled the region, America and the central government in Baghdad and Iran are aware of these Turkish targets, but because of the existence of temporary interests, these countries are still remained silent."

He noted that the silence of the Kurdistan Democratic Party-Iraq and its cooperation with the Turkish state is due to the party's desire to lift the hidden siege, "it appeared that the Turkish state imposed a secret siege on Başûr after the referendum on independence on 25 September 2017. Turkey wants to benefit of this siege to overcome the economic crisis at home in this context, there was consensus between Turkey and the Kurdistan Democratic Party - Iraq According to information Turkey at the beginning of the siege, the assets of the Barzani family held in the bank "Karante" Turkish.

'The goal is to occupy Xinêrê, Xakûrk and Sîdekan

"Turkey brought a large number of soldiers to the town of Rûbarok in Şemzînan district in Colemêrgê area and replaced the soldiers in the hills of Xakûrkê area in Lelîkan, and soldiers are deployed in the area of ​​Barzan connected with the area of Soran. The objective is to occupy the Xinêrê, Xakûrk and Sîdekan triangle or to take full control of Mount Goşînê, preventing Guerilla to connect with each other. In line with these developments, Turkish aircraft bombard populated areas non-stop.



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