What happening in areas under control of Syrian regime?

The Syrian regime has been suffering from a severe economic crisis, which has great effects on the areas under the domination of the regime, the crisis such as the shortage of fuel gasoline, diesel and gas, and the Syrian street wonders, when and how will this crisis end?

Sources from Damascus said that the Syrian regime-controlled areas are suffering a major life crisis, the sources pointed to the loss of fuel such as gas, diesel and gasoline with a significant rise in prices. The markets also witnessed a shortage of basic foodstuffs, which led to resentment of citizens in these areas, especially with the approach of Ramadan.

The economic crisis is linked to the political one

Analysts attribute the economic crisis to three main reasons:

The first is the US economic sanctions, especially the sanctions on the sale of Iranian oil because Iran was the main supporter of the regime.

The second is the concentration of the battles and the situation of tension and instability in the strategic areas of Syria, especially in the areas under the occupation of the Turkish state, while these regions are witnessing a struggle on the domination between Russia and Iran, not to mention the presence of armed gangs of the Turkish state.

The third reason is the political crisis in Syria, with the difficulty of reaching a solution to the current situation, due to the failure of the efforts of the meetings of Astana in the preparation of a new Syrian constitution.

Iran has a major role in the crisis

According to Syrian policies and the Syrian media, the Syrian regime depends mainly on Iran, both militarily and economically. According to information from private sources, the internal conflicts within the Syrian regime led several months ago to cancelling the last agreement between the Syrian regime and Iran.

The head of Syria's Sadkoub Company, Mustafa Heswiya, the company responsible for the distribution of oil in Syria, announced that Iran supplied Syria with two to three million barrels of oil a month, but that support has been suspended since October 2018.

The regime exports its crisis abroad

The crisis is still ongoing which raised the resentment of the Syrian people, and the Syrian regime is trying to cover up the crisis and divert attention about it through an informational game, the media outlets have begun to photograph caravans of people waiting for their turn in long queues to get gas. These media reports highlight the issue of the economic blockade, blame the United States and Europe and giving up the responsibility.

The regime works on smuggling oil

In the current situation, the regime enters into secret agreements for buying oil, through smuggling and stealing oil from the north and east of Syria, or from areas under the control of the mercenaries of the Turkish state. According to the leaks, the smuggling of oil through al-Ais and al-Mansoura crossings in the north-western countryside of Aleppo expanded. In addition, the oil smuggling movement in the seam lines between the control areas of the regime and the control areas of the mercenaries of the Turkish state increased by 10%.

Moreover, the subject was discussed during the recent visit of Russian Vice President Rory Borisov to Syria. During the meeting, it was agreed to expand the agreement to enlarge the port of Tartous and modernize its possibilities for using it in economic and logistic purposes in return for the supply of oil from Russia to Syria.

The situations of the people in the areas of the regime control are very difficult

The Syrian citizen lives in general difficult life conditions with the decline of services and the difficulty of getting the requirements of daily life. According to World Bank statistics, 87 percent of Syria's population lives below the poverty line, and the middle class' rate in Syria has fallen from 60 percent to 10 percent, leading to chaos and popular protests, while immigration has reached its highest level.



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