Vast damage, large number of wounded in Beirut explosion

The huge explosion that shook the port of the Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday caused enormous material damage, and the National Information Agency said that the number of injuries is countless and the Red Cross teams are working to help the injured.

Lebanese media reported that "a big explosion occurred at the entrance to Al-Wasat House in Beirut, which is the residence of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Al-Hariri, and its reverberations were heard throughout the capital."

Anarchy prevailed in central Beirut after the huge explosion, as many fire engines and ambulances rushed to the place, and chaos overwhelmed the movement of residents, as the explosion was so strong that the glass facades of distant buildings collapsed as a result of the explosion.

Pictures and videos posted on the social media showed the moments of the explosion and the huge smoke plums that came to the sky.

While the National Information Agency said that "the number of casualties is countless, and the Red Cross teams are working to help the injured."

The pictures showed that that there was a small explosion in the port, followed by a huge explosion that shook the Lebanese capital.

While some estimates indicate that the accident was caused by a firecrackers explosion in the port of Beirut. Media outlets reported that the explosion was caused by the highly explosive TNT material.

While the Lebanese channel OTV quoted sources close to "Hezbollah" as saying that there is no truth in what is being circulated about an Israeli strike on Hezbollah's weapons in the port of Beirut.

The port has been closed for the past five days due to the Corona virus, and only today it has returned to work.

The explosion, according to videos posted on social media webpages, caused great damage to the port, as fires are still burning in some parts of it. Media outlets reported a number of casualties and injuries caused by the powerful explosion.

The Lebanese security forces and army worked to remove the people who had flocked to the port in anticipation of other explosions at the site.

The explosion comes three days before the decision of the International Special Tribunal for Lebanon in the case of the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.


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