US Vice President warns Turkey of choosing between S-400 or remaining in NATO

 US Vice President Mike Pence warned on Wednesday that Turkey must choose whether to remain a partner in NATO or "risks partnership through reckless decisions" after Ankara has stuck to the Russian S-400 missile system.

Pence said in remarks during a special event of the NATO in Washington, a day before the upcoming meeting of NATO foreign ministers: " Turkey must choose... between remaining a partner in the most successful military alliance in the history of the world (NATO)? Or to risk the security of this partnership by making reckless decisions that undermine the alliance?"

"If they complete the S-400, they risk expulsion from the F-35," he said.

For its part, Turkey presented on Wednesday a proposal by Foreign Minister Mouloud Jawish Oglu, who called for the establishment of a "technical working group" to determine whether the Russian missile defense system "S-400" poses a threat to the military equipment of the United States or NATO , According to Reuters news agency.

"The S-400 missile deal is over and we will not back down," Oglu told a research forum in Washington, where he attended the 70th anniversary celebrations of the founding of NATO.

The source: Agencies



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