US shift in the Middle East .. Long-term presence What are the reasons?

According to US press reports, the United States amended its decision on withdrawing from Syria and decided to leave about 1000 troops and pointed out that one of the reasons for this is to prevent a return of IS and prevent making Syria a corridor for the Iranian weapon, and confirmed that this decision comes within the shift in US policy and aims to establish a long-term presence in the Middle East.


The US Wall Street Journal reported that there is a shift in US policy on withdrawal from Syria, where it has decided to leave 1,000 troops there, mainly because of preventing IS return and countering Iranian influence.

There are reasons why the United States will not leave the Middle East and its intention to stay for a long time, said Gerald Seib, the Washington bureau chief.

"Only months after President Trump said the United States would withdraw from Syria, US officials might be planning to leave about 1,000 troops in the country and wondering why this shift in policy?

One of the main reasons for the White House's decision to withdraw completely from northern and eastern Syria is to prevent Syria from becoming a corridor for weapons from Iran and later to Tehran's allies in Beirut and Damascus.

On Iraq, the United States considered that a stable state could ease Iranian influence in the region and prevent the return of al-Qaeda to re-establish roots in Iraqi territory.

As in Afghanistan, Washington aims, according to the writer, to prevent the country from returning from becoming a failed state again and from becoming an incubator of global terrorism and extremism.


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