US sends four strategic bombers to ME

The Pentagon announced on Thursday the arrival of four strategic B-52 bombers to the Middle East after receiving "indications of a real threat by the Iranian regime."

The US Central Command released photographs of the US Air Force Squadron's 20 bombers after arriving at Qatar's Air Force Base.

The Pentagon on Wednesday published footage of the giant bombers as it took off from a base in Louisiana toward the Middle East.

This comes days after Washington sent a group of attack ships led by the aircraft carrier, "Abraham Lincoln," in response to "the increased risks posed by Iran and its allies in the region to US military."

The Pentagon's statement said additional US forces were meant to support the US Central Command's mission to bring security and stability to the region.

The Egyptian Suez Canal Authority announced on Thursday that the Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier crossed the canal.

Source: Hurra                                                                                                                         

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