US politician: so-called buffer zone must be on Turkish side

Michael Rubin, the researcher at the American Enterprise Institute and the former Pentagon official, said the proposed Turkish-Syrian buffer zone must be implemented within the Turkish side of the border.

Rubin said in an opinion article in the US magazine Washington Examiner, "If Turkey wants a buffer zone, the American position must be clear: the Turkish army must withdraw from Syria and stay away from the Syrian-Turkish border for 10 kilometers in favor of international observers."

After the surprise announcement of the withdrawal of US forces from Syria, the US President Donald Trump published a statement on February 14, in which he talked about the establishment of a so-called "buffer zone" whose length was 20 miles in northeastern Syria. The next day, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey would establish a so-called "security zone" in Syria in coordination with the United States.

"The idea of the buffer zone to separate the Turkish army and the Kurdish forces may be a good idea, but if the idea is to succeed its declared purpose rather than just cover the Turkish ethnic cleansing of other nationalities, it must be on the Turkish side of the border," Rubin said.

The components of the north and east of Syria reject any Turkish presence on the Syrian territories because Turkey and its Ottoman ancestors committed massacres against all the peoples of the region; Arabs, Kurds, Armenians, Syriacs, Chaldeans and Assyrians.

With the help of mercenary and terrorist gangs, primarily Jabhet al-Nusra, Turkey occupies areas of northwestern Syria with the complicity and assistance of Russia and Iran under the name of De-escalation zones and surveillance points agreed on in early 2017 in the so-called Astana meetings.

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