US MPs threaten Ankara, London warned from collapse nuclear deal

There have been a number of positions opposing Turkey's acceptance of the S-400 system, while US lawmakers are warning Turkey against sanctions on it

On Monday morning, International newspapers focused on sanctions against Ankara, and the threats to the Iranian nuclear deal

McCall: Turkey's acquisition of Russian missiles means the imposition of US sanctions on them

A senior Republican on the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives said that Turkey's acquisition of the Russian-made S-400 missile system "is a big problem."

In an interview with Fox News, Republican Rep. Michael McCall of Texas said he had met the Turkish foreign minister and other Turkish leaders and "warned them, just as Foreign Minister Pompeo did, that you cannot follow two directions at the same time."

"You cannot be an ally of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and acquire Russian military equipment," he said.

British Foreign Secretary: The collapse of Iran's nuclear deal threatens humanity

British Foreign Secretary has warned Jeremy Hunt the danger of the collapse of the nuclear deal because it would pose an existential threat to humanity.

"The Middle East is already one of the most unstable regions in the world, and if all the different parties are armed with nuclear weapons," Hunt said, before the European Union foreign ministers' meeting in Brussels, stressing the importance of maintaining the nuclear deal. It will pose an existential threat to humanity, I will do my utmost to prevent this from happening. "

"I will build on the leadership position adopted by the United Kingdom, along with France and Germany, and do what is necessary to maintain the nuclear agreement and to encourage Iran to return to compliance with the Convention," he said.

"I told the Iranians this weekend that the detention of Grace 1 was an application of the EU sanctions on Syria. Some action had to be taken, and this is not about Iranian oil," he said of the Iranian ship Grace I held in Gibraltar.

And added "The risks are so great that it is necessary for all stakeholders to stop and look at the possible consequences of their actions," he said, "We believe it is time to act responsibly and look for ways to stop the escalation of tension and resume dialogue."



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