Under torture ... Hamzat mercenaries cause an Afrin citizen to lose his life

Abdul Rahman Ibish Biku, a resident of Kurzila village in the Sherawa district in the occupied Afrin area, lost his life after being beaten and tortured by the mercenary mercenaries.

Abd al-Rahman Ibish, born in 1982, was arrested two months ago by the mercenaries of Hamzat of the Turkish occupation army in the village of Kurzila in the district of Sherawa.

Under the harsh conditions of the prison, his torture and severe beatings, and the diseases prevalent in detention centers, he suffers from tuberculosis. He is of special needs. He is of little hearing and does not see well at night.

Abd al-Rahman Ibish was released after his family paid ransom for Hamzat mercenaries, and he was in poor health because of tuberculosis and shortness of breath.

After the struggle of 20 days after his release, Abd al-Rahman Ibish lost his life due to the severe torture he had been subjected to during his detention.

It is reported that Abd al-Rahman is married and has three children. He worked in a falafel shop in Azadi Square in the city center of Afrin.


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