UAE newspaper: ISIS defeated depends on defeat its ideology

The editor of the UAE's The National reported that the yellow flag of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF that had been lifted over al-Baguz was deeply symbolic, not only to defeat Daesh where was expelled from his last stronghold, and the hope has been reinforced among the 7.7 million people who lived under extremism and oppressive rule

"Since 2015, The Syrian Democratic forces have fought strongly against Daesh, and more than 11,000 fighters have martyred in this process," says the UAE's The National.

"With the last piece of land that was under the control of the so-called IS' alleged Caliphate, this was the end of the rule of the terrorist group on Iraq and Syria

The newspaper warned that although the long-awaited victory gives a reason to celebrate, but Daesh was not completely eliminated as alleged by US President Donald Trump.

The paper pointed out that Daesh flourishes on its ideology, and not only on the extensive territory under its control.

According to the United Nations, there are still as many as 30,000 loyalists in the region, so Daesh will quickly will regather his ranks in Iraq and Syria and could begin to regain territory within six to 12 months, If the pressure on terrorists is not maintained

Many leaders, including their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, are still at large. The Supreme Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, General Mazloum Kobani, warned that continued support is necessary to prevent the return of the extremist group.

If the United States continues to threaten to withdraw its forces from Syria, the Kurdish-led force will be left sorely exposed, at a time when SDF are struggling to take control of thousands of IS in its prisons in northern Syria.

According to the newspaper, "more than 50,000 civilians from al-Baguz alone before the liberation, many of them from the IS' families and their savage supporters who are now settled in refugee camps crowded and will be difficult to identify them."

The newspaper said that this would be a serious situation where they can reform or recruit new recruits or violent attacks. British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said: "We cannot be satisfied, even without land, Daesh and toxic ideology will continue to pose a threat to the people of Iraq and Syria, as well as to the entire world The international community must remain steadfast in its determination to confront and defeat it."

There is still the question of finding a political solution for the country. Syria is still a swamp of world powers, all working for its own interests. According to the newspaper, "efforts must be made to find a political solution to rebuild the country with concerted efforts to confront dangerous of IS' ideology ... Millions of Syrians who have been plunged into a humanitarian crisis after eight years of war are still displaced or living in refugee camps after years of suffering.  And finally we must give them an opportunity to live in peace and security.



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