Turkish threats return worst era to GIRÊ SPî people's memories

Turkish threats had returned to occupy north- east of Syria on GIRÊ SPî/ Tel Abyed, where the people have painful memories during IS' domination on the area, where Turkish occupation mobilizes its forces on the Syrian border. Pointing that there is no difference between the Turkish occupation and IS

Over the past three weeks, Turkey has stepped up its threat to north-eastern Syria, threatening to occupy the area, in parallel with Turkish military mobilization its troops on north east of Syrian border Kobani and Tel-Abyed.

'We reject any Turkish intervention because we are able to protect ourselves'

According to Fawaz al-Haramiyeh, an Arab citizen of the city of Tel-Abyed" Deash mercenaries committed horrible crimes against all the people components, imposed on the people arbitrary rulings, we must pay zakat and pray by force, and imposed on the women to wear veil, if she had violated the rules, she would be punished either by stoning or hanging of her hand full day, and the worst ever was beheadings in public places in al-Qafas roundabout.

Under the recent Turkish threats and the mobilization of troops on the border, the people fear that any Turkish attack would lead to revive Deash again, they say Turkey and Daesh mercenaries have the same ideology, asserting that Turkey's occupation of the region would be like occupation of Deash.

Massacres committed by the Turks' ancestors still fresh in our minds against the Armenians and will not allow the Ottomans to repeat it.

Sarkis Komenkiyam, an Armenian, was persecuted by Daesh, speaking to Hawar news agency (ANHA) about the days he spent under IS' domination on the region.

"During IS' control on Tel- Abyed, I have hardly left, and three months later I heard that they destroyed our church and our houses, I went back and they did not know that I was Armenians after period time. They treated me naturally, when they learned that, they called me "the heretic" and put me in prison and beat me and my torture and my only concern is that I am not a Muslim. "

Turkey was open'

Ibrahim Jawish of the Kurdish component of the people of Tel-Abyed, talked about the era of IS' control, saying "on the first day when IS imposed their domination Tel-Abyed, called from the Mosque and ordered the Kurds to evacuate the region."

"In the period of the control of Daesh mercenaries, the Turkish border gate was wide open, mercenaries enter and leave without facing any difficulties or scrutiny from the Turkish side. Many mercenaries were Turks," he said. Turkey is the first supporter of Daesh, and wants to return to the north and east of Syria, and this shows through the statements of the Turkish occupation state to launch a military operation in the region, it wants to repeat the Afrin scenario and the practice of its arbitrary policy against the people, here as practiced against the people of Afrin.



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