Turkish state poses danger to world, people are able to repel its polices

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party pointed out that "the Turkish state has become an obstacle in the way of resolving the Syrian crisis," noting that it poses a threat to the entire Middle East, stressing that the Syrian people with all its components are able to deal with the malicious policies of the Turkish state.

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) issued a written statement to the public opinion on the construction of the partition wall by the occupation in Afrin and the dangers of this occupation on the Middle East and the world.

The text of the statement included:

"Since the Syrian people began to revolt against dictatorship and tyranny, demanding freedom, democracy and dignity, the Turkish state has been working to harness all developments to serve its agenda and ambitions by controlling foreign opposition and terrorist organizations, arming, training and sending them to the Syrian interior until they have been able to make the worst terrorist organization ever witnessed by humanity, taking advantage of its experience in this domain, adopting the brutality of the army of Janissary, which relied on the predecessors in their massacres and ethnic annihilation against the peoples they targeted.

The Turkish state has become an obstacle in the way of the Syrian political solution since the international efforts to solve the crisis began. When the terror of Daesh made by Turkey was destroyed by the sons and daughters of the components of the northern and eastern Syria, Turkey was forced to intervene directly, occupy northern Syria and then spread to Afrin after it was able to achieve the dirtiest bargains and an international consensus, benefiting from NATO's arsenal and techniques, and it embraced all terrorist factions in their areas of occupation and in Idlib, and became the direct sponsor of all terrorist factions to use them as a means to blackmail all parties involved in the Syrian issue, but threatens parties seeking to resolve of refugees on at times and sometimes by sending terrorist factions."

The Turkish state recently began building the annexation wall for separating Afrin from the Syrian land, breaking all international norms and laws, including the laws of occupation, before the eyes of the world and all parties among them the Syrian regime, which is watching without movement.

We in the Democratic Union Party have always stressed the danger posed by the Turkish state with its mindset, expansionist policies and cutting off the Syrian territories with the aim of achieving its project of the Mullah Charter. We reaffirm once again that the Turkish state led by Erdogan is a threat to the entire Middle East and to the entire world by the use of the Islamic jihadist organizations throughout the world, and that calls on all countries of the world and the parties concerned with world peace to say enough and put an end to the Turkish violations.

We in the Democratic Union Party, as part of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) System in North and East of Syria, emphasize that the Syrian people with all components are able to counter the malicious policies of the Turkish state and are capable of liberating Afrin and all the Syrian north from the clutches of the Turkish occupation sooner or later. They also are able to inflict defeat to the Turkish occupation just as they have defeated its Daesh. We call upon all forces and parties that advocate democracy, human rights and the rights of peoples to stand boldly saying that it is enough for the Turkish occupation."

And the statement concluded with slogans "The Will of the People Will Triumph. Shame is for Terrorism, its Supporters and Users to Achieve Political goals."

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD).



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