Turkish police stormed KCD building and arrested several people

Political arrests are on the rise, as Turkish police raided this morning the KCD building and several houses in Amed, arresting a number of people.

The Turkish police raided the Democratic Society Congress (KCD) building in Peyas district of Amed, the J&J publishing house and several houses.

The members of the KCD Secretariat Office Jiyan Tash, Hossein Kaya, Rojda Barish, one of the administrators of the Women’s Association (Rosa), the mayor of Faraqin, Nashida Toprak, the administrator of MEBYA-DER Yildiz Damla, a member of the DBP Party Laila Bagatir and from the trade union (BES) Sobhi Izol was arrested in the raids and many other people. "

During the raid at 04:00 am, the police confiscated KCD banners and several books.

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