Turkish occupation received heavy blows in Xakurk

The People Defense Forces(HPG) said in a statement that their troops launched a series of operations against the Turkish occupation army in the framework of revolutionary campaign of martyrs Roniya and Bager which resulted in the killing of a number of the Turkish occupation army.

The Media Center of HPG issue a statement about the operations against the Turkish occuaption.

The statemtn said:

On July 13, our forces carried out an operation targeting the Turkish occupation army, which was trying to land the soldiers on the hill Kordina in an bombing that killed two soldiers from the targeted unit.

On July 15, our forces carried out at 9:30 am an operation that targeted the fortifications and barriers of the Turkish occupation army on the hill of the martyr Darwish and hit a military vehicle on the hill, which resulted in injury in addition to the killing of 4 Turkish soldiers.

On July 15, at 13:00, our forces targeted an enemy unit that was trying to concentrate on the Helicopter Hill and directed heavy blows to the occupation soldiers. It was not possible to know the number of dead and wounded of the occupation army in this operation.

On July 16, at 08:00, our forces again targeted the Turkish occupation forces stationed on the hill of the martyr Darwish. The operation resulted in the death of a soldier.

The Occupation army withdraw from Gulmerk

On Julyb1 the Turkish occupation army launched an operation in Yayeldr, Martyr Hassan, Lemej, Shevdin and Barav areas of Gulmerk and the operation lasted until 10 July where it withdrew without any progress.     

A fighter was martyred in Kabar

In an operation carried out by the Turkish occupation army in Kabar Sequare of Sharnakh by unmanned drone and do to the bombing, the fighter Jekdar was martyred.

The record of the martyr is :

The nom de guerre: Jekdar Zagros

The real name: Mohammed Sherin Arslan

The place of birth : Merdin

The father's name : Yousef

The mother's name: Kerima

The place and the date of the martyrdom: Kabar on July 7-2019



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