Turkish occupation builds walls among Afrin's villages, destroys communication towers

The violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are increasing day by day in Afrin canton and the occupied Syrian territories. Turkey recently built walls to separate the villages of Afrin from one another, established military bases, destroyed the Syrian communication towers and installed Turkish networks instead.

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue to commit violations in the occupied Afrin canton and to strike the international laws and charters under international silence, despite the appeals and demands of the people of Afrin to expedite the expulsion of the Turkish occupation.

Separation wall between the villages of Afrin

A source from the occupied canton of Afrin told Hawar news agency that the Turkish occupation provides for the construction of a 3-meter-high wall in the vicinity of its headquarters and centers established in the villages of Afrin, especially in the villages adjacent to al-Shahba.

The source confirmed that the occupation placed a wall between the villages of Kimar and Barad, and between the villages of Mariamin and Jalber, and thus separated these villages from one another, and drew borders in the vicinity of the villages of Sherawa.

Turkish occupation has destroyed 15 houses, the agricultural extension building, the village's school and the water tank in the north of the village of Jalber in the district of Sherawa to build a military base there.

The mercenaries also planted mines between fields and orchards in the villages of Rajo, which resulted in the encirclement of the people in that area, restricted their movements and no one dared to go to work between their farmland or outside Rajo.

HQ for Jaish al-Islam mercenaries being built

According to reliable sources, the Turkish occupation is working to establish a headquarter for Jaish al-Islam command mercenaries, coming from Al-Ghouta in the place of the former Traffic police, near the roundabout Kawa the Blacksmith, and will use the headquarters to train Jaish al-Islam mercenaries.

In order to enable the Turkish occupation of eavesdropping and surveillance of the people inside Afrin, the Turkish occupation changed the Syrian networks destroying communication towers which were replaced by Turkish ones, especially in the areas of Shera and Janders, thus, all the networks of communication and internet are now Turkish, indicating the intention of the Turkish occupation to annex Afrin to Turkey via those changes and violations.



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