Turkish occupation bombardment continues on Sherawa villages brutally

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have been shelling the villages of Sherawa since Monday morning, that resulted in the injuring a woman and her father

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, who are stationed in the village of Kamyar and Bradda in Sherawa district, and the villages Burj Qas and Kalotyah in Sherawa district were also shelled on Monday morning, by dozens of artillery shells 

The citizen Shahida Nabo, who is at 35 years and her father who is at 55 years were wounded from the people of Burj Qas by the brutal shelling of the village.

The injured were taken to the clinic of the village of Burj Qas for receiving treatment and now their condition is stable.

The brutal bombardment is still ongoing in the two villages till now.



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