Turkish occupation army targeted Dirka Berave with machine guns

The Turkish occupation targeted the village of Dirka Berave with medium machine guns, resulting in material losses as a result of the targeting, according to our correspondent from the region.

The Turkish occupation army continues from time to time targeting the safe border villages of Rojava on the border between Bakur and Rojava by light and heavy weapons. A group of workers working in the quarries of Dirka Berave village, north-east of Dirk district of Qamishlo, was targeted this morning.

According to our correspondent, the Turkish occupation army targeted the workers during their presence at their work in the Dirka Berave quarry with medium machine guns, and directly targeted the machinery used in the quarry, which led to the deterioration of three them.

For his part, Syed Khan Ahmed, the quarry's official in the village that the Turkish occupation army from time to time targeting workers, and stressed that the process of targeting today resulted in material losses attached to the machinery, and there are no other damages.



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