Turkish occupation army bombs central market Serêkaniyê

The Turkish occupation army shells the central market in the center of the city of Serêkaniyê, which is witnessing heavy ground and air bombardment by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries.

Turkish shelling targeted the central market in the Ronahi neighborhood in the center of the city of Serêkaniyê.

Serêkaniyê is under attack from three sides form al-Hawarneh neighborhood in the north, the town of Tel Halaf in the west and al-Sina area in the east.

A military source told our correspondent that three thousand mercenaries and a soldier in the Turkish occupation army are participating in the attack on the city.

The Turkish attack was accompanied by artillery and aerial bombardment of the city center and its surroundings.

The SDF and civilians in the city defend the city in the face of attempts by the occupation.




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