Turkish journalist praises Kurds' role in elections, accuses government of spending billions on extremists

A Turkish journalist praised the great role played by the Kurds in the local elections and the defeat of Erdogan. He also accused Erdogan's government of spending billions of dollars from the state's budget on the extremists, secret services and armed militias.

The Turkish journalist Haikou Bagdat, at 43, described the victory of the Turkish opposition in the recent local elections as the "victory" of the democratic front, especially in major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya.

Bagdat, who was forced to leave his country because of the existence of 21 security interrogation notes against the backdrop of his opposition activities as a journalist added, "Perhaps one of the most important achievements of the opposition was also in the Kurdish cities of Turkey, as it was able to expel the ruling authority," after the Democratic Peoples' Party led by most of the largest municipalities of Kurdish cities there won.

He noted during his speech, "We feel hope and satisfaction at the same time, the mayors appointed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan were robbing people. They are thieves tried hard to have the municipalities of the people again in these areas, but we saw the influence of the former co-presidents of the Democratic People's Party, Salah al-Din Dumirtash and Vigan Yoksek Dag, and the sympathy of the Turkish people for these two arrests, which contributed to raising the number of votes for the opposition by text message in prison. We have already seen how the Kurds participated in this democratic front.

He continued: "The Kurds are not our enemies, despite all the policies of war followed by the Turkish state, through which Erdogan tried to instigate us against each other, but we had the opportunity to get closer to each other through the opposition."

Bagdat, who has been sued by a court of law, noted, "The opposition is strong, has won many things and will gain more when our friends get out of prison. Erdogan has conceded defeat for the first time since 17 years, or to say 25 years if we count his term of ruling when he was a mayor. This is a historic period, and we should not look at these elections and their results as local only."

"The opposition journalist accused the Justice and Development Party of spending billions of dollars from the state budget on extremists, secret services and armed militias. "The victory of the opposition led by these municipalities offers the opportunity to reduce this cost," he said.

"In this way, the opposition will be able to cut off the most important sources of funding for mafias that were working with Erdogan, as well as sources of funding for some of the media working for him," he said.

"We had been denied of the right to demonstrate in the streets after the events of Gizi, especially the Kurds, who were very oppressed, but we knew how to confront those who believe they will not lose," he said, referring to the Justice and Development Party, and called for its abolition in Istanbul.



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