Turkish intelligence "MIT" wants to assassinate politicians, leaders in Rojava

The Turkish state has prepared malicious plans to assassinate avant-garde political and military figures, who have played pioneer role in Rojava revolution.

The Turkish occupation state continues its plans against the gains of the revolution of north and east of Syria. In this regard, some politicians in Rojava, who are engaged in diplomatic activity in Europe, reported that some European friends informed them that the Turkish state was planning to assassinate them.

According to information obtained to (ANHA) from a source from Autonomous Administration (AA), the Turkish state has prepared plans to assassinate politicians and military leaders who participated in the revolution of Rojava since its inception and played a leading role among them, known to the public opinion.

The source in Autonomous Administration said that "This information about the assassination plans by the Turkish state was being informed to us by some European friends."

"In order to carry out this assassination plot, the Turkish state has prepared a wide network of collaborators and the Turkish state is trying to carry out assassinations through this network," the source said.

It is noteworthy that the finger was also directed to the Turkish intelligence "MIT" in the assassination of the Public Relations Officer in al-Raqqa Civil Council, Omar Alloush, and sheikh Bashir Hawedi the notable of al-Afadal clan.



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