Turkish Defense Minister describes attacks by Syrian regime on Idlib as "violation of Astana agreement"

Turkish Defense Minister Khulosi Akar called today, the Syrian regime forces to stop the attack on southern Idlib, describing the regime's attacks as a "violation of the Astana agreement".

The Turkish defense minister made the remarks during a visit to the military units deployed on the border with Syria on Friday. In parallel with the progress of the Syrian regime forces towards the "demilitarized" area in the countryside of Idlib, which was established under an agreement between Russia and Turkey during the Syrian peace talks in Astana, Kazakhstan.

"The Syrian authorities are seeking to expand their areas of control south of Idlib in a way that" violates the Astana agreement, "Akar said, according to the Anatolia news agency.

Akar added that the Syrian forces' attacks on southern Idlib should be stopped and that their withdrawal be carried out to the agreed border on the Astana route.

Source: Agencies

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