"Turkey's rejection of the security mechanism reveals its colonial intentions"

The co-chair of the Democratic Society Movement’s Council in the Euphrates region, Abdul Rahman Dummer, explained that the Turkish state will accept nothing but the occupation, because the Turkish government is built on the foundations of dictatorship and its goal is to restore the glories of the Ottoman Empire.

Abdul Rahman Dummar, the co-chair of the Democratic Society Movement’s Council in the Euphrates region told Hawar news agency, commenting on the recent Turkish threats against northern and eastern areas of Syria, that despite the application of the first stages of the security mechanism agreement on the Syrian-Turkish border, but Turkey wants to eliminate the gains of the Kurdish people and blur its identity.

"The Turkish policy is an occupational policy towards the peoples of northern and eastern Syria, and it is not in its content as Turkey claims to maintain the security of its borders. The aim of these occupational policies is to eradicate the gains of the Kurdish people and obliterate the Kurdish identity," he said. “ not only in northern and eastern Syria; however, the practices of the Turkish state against the Kurdish people are known to all. "

On the Turkish dissatisfaction with the US and Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) efforts to resolve the border problem, Abdurrahman Dummar said, "the apparent rejection by Turkey is the best proof that the Turkish government's aspirations are to repeat Afrin’s scenario and occupy the region."

The co-chair of the Democratic Society Movement’s Council in the Euphrates region, Abdul Rahman Dummer noted that they do not want to refer to the policies of war or to engage in any war with any party, but if there is any Turkish invasion, it will be met with the appropriate response.

"We are not a threat to anyone"

Regarding allegations that the areas of northern and eastern Syria pose a threat to Turkey, says Abdul Rahman Dummer: "Never before have you attacked us on the Turkish side as it claims, what threatens Turkey is the democratic thought that we have established through the application of the idea of ​​a democratic nation. With the Turkish dictatorship and the idea of ​​the Ottoman Empire, Turkey seeks the survival and continuity of its government and does not seek the interests and freedoms of its people. "

"The Turkish government is seeking to eliminate this ideology for fear that democracy will move to its country."

"The people of the region return go home"

Asked about Turkey's attempts to settle Syrian refugees on its territory in the north and east of Syria, Abdul Rahman Dummer said: "We and the Autonomous Administration always seek to return the migrants to their homes who have not been stained with the blood of the people of the region. All areas of northern and eastern Syria, as for the displaced from areas of clash between the regime and extremist factions in Idlib, we are ready to shelter them in camps as we did with the rest of the displaced. "

"Turkey is using some fugitives whose hands have been stained with blood and are trying to bring them back to the region to bring them to power. Dozens of tribal elders and notables have voiced their rejection of these policies."

At the end of his speech, Abdul Rahman Dummer called for the people of all areas in the north and east of Syria to return to their homes and villages.



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