Turkey's presence in Syria is at stake; Israel is threatening Lebanon

The Arab press perceived the Turkish presence in Syria at stake as Syrian regime forces took control of new areas, becoming points of contact with mercenaries close to Turkish observation posts, while Israel threatened Lebanon that it would be harmed if Hezbollah's activities were not stopped.

The Arab press reported on the Turkish presence on the Syrian soil, the mutual threats between Hezbollah and Israel, the Iranian nuclear file and the Yemeni situation, and the refusal of Turkish bar associations to participate in a ceremony held at Erdogan's palace.

Al-Bayan: Mork… Syrian-Turkish line of fire

Regarding the Syrian issue, Al-Bayan reported on the Turkish occupation of Syrian territory, “After confrontations between the Syrian armed opposition and the Syrian army subsided, new tension points emerged, especially after the army took control of Khan Sheikhoun, and the Turkish point in Mork came within the range of Syrian army fire.

Turkey has felt the danger of the approaching confrontation with the Syrian army, especially since it is on Syrian soil without a legitimate cover, while the Russian position tends to favor the Syrian government as the most prominent ally in the Syrian war.

The Syrian government, in the words of senior officials, stressed the need for Turkish troops to leave Syria, but Ankara remained firm in its military positions and even increased the size of the military reinforcements after Khan Sheikhoun was seized from the Turkish-backed opposition.

Ankara wants to remain in the middle of the Syrian game politically and militarily alongside Russia, while the Syrian government wants to remove all external forces from Syrian territory in order to win all political and military cards.

In order to be part of the internal equation, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kallin stressed that Ankara is working to implement the Sochi agreement on Idlib literally, noting that a tripartite summit on Syria will be held between the leaders of Turkey, Russia and Iran, in the capital Ankara on 16 September.

The Turkish presence in the Idlib and Hama countryside is at stake more than ever, as the expansion of Syrian government control, through Russian support, has extended areas of contact with Turkish-backed factions, and has even become close to Turkish points, and thus there will be an Internal Syrian merit to deal with the Turkish presence. "

Asharq Al-Awsat: Tunisian ISIS prisoner in eastern Syria: ISIS recruited psychopaths in suicide operations

Asharq al-Awsat, for its part, spoke about the story of one of the Islamic State's mercenaries from Tunisia. “M.N” asked for anonymity because of his family and the future of his brothers whom he left studying. Although he was young, gray hair conquered his hair. The Tunisian fighter revealed that his knowledge of Syria was simple, and its presence as an Arab state on the map did not exceed, as he was ignorant of its religious, national and ethnic diversity, saying: “They dedicated a picture that Nusayriya - the Alawite sect - is killing Sunni Arabs, The Druze are an out-of-religion sect, and every sect and nationalism has been charged against it. ”

He traveled to Morocco, and then to Istanbul, Turkey, and then took a modern bus and went to the city of Antakya, the border with Syria, at that time Turkey turned into an 'international highway' to cross the 'jihadists' to Syria, and this young man was able to enter the Syrian territory in January 2014, After the extremist group ISIS captured the entire city of Raqqa. Tunisian nationality was the most present in the ranks of ISIS in Syria, Libya and Iraq, and in July 2015, a UN team of experts estimated that there were 4,000 Tunisian fighters in both Syria and Iraq.

The Tunisian fighter revealed that he tried to escape twice; but he did not succeed in his quest. He was following the progress of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the International Coalition, enabling them to liberate the city of Raqqa in October 2017.It was the most prominent stronghold of the organization in Syria, and he decided to flee at the end of the same year and surrendered to the forces.

He revealed that the organization exploited his loyalists and was looking for mentally ill and weak people to be suicide bombers to carry out terrorist operations. “They kept them, for weeks and months, sow malicious ideas and change facts until they were convinced of their tasks. "Unfortunately, many of the young people I met went without knowing the truth."

Asharq Al-Awsat: Israel threatens Lebanon if it does not stop "Hezbollah activities"

As Israel threatened yesterday that Lebanon would not halt Hezbollah's activities, Israeli military and political estimates prevail that Hezbollah will deal a new blow to Israel in retaliation for sending suicide bombers to the suburb south of Beirut, a week ago. "

According to Israeli Foreign Ministry statements, Minister Yisrael Katz asked German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas to convey the following threat to the Lebanese government: "If you do not stop Hezbollah's activities against Israel, the whole of Lebanon will suffer losses and be severely wounded." In a statement yesterday, Katz called for Germany to impose sanctions on Hezbollah and to designate the party as a terrorist organization.

Al-Arab: Turkish lawyers punish Erdogan in an unprecedented move

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday sharply criticized Turkish lawyers who boycotted the start of the new judicial year in the presidential palace, saying that the methods of election in bar associations should change.

According to local newspaper Cumhuriyet, 52 of the 79 regional bar associations rejected the appeal by the Supreme Court of Appeal on the occasion of the start of the judicial year.

"Fundamental rights and freedoms have been annihilated in Turkey, especially freedom of expression," the Ankara Bar Association told a gathering of dozens of lawyers. Last year, Erdogan became Turkey's first chief executive, with powers to select members of the council of judges and prosecutors, who are responsible for selecting judicial appointments.”

Boycotting the ceremony is an unprecedented step by judicial institutions against Erdogan, who is criticized by the West and human rights defenders for attacks on press freedom and interference in the work of the courts.

Asharq Al-awsat: Washington promises Taliban to withdraw from five bases

The US envoy for peace in Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, has handed over a draft peace agreement between Washington and “Taliban” movement to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and the head of the state's executive apparatus, Abdullah Abdullah.

Zalmay Khalilzad said yesterday that his country would withdraw its troops from five bases in the country if Taliban abides by the terms of the peace agreement being negotiated, with the disclosure of the first details. “ We agreed that if things have gone as planned, we will withdraw within 135 days from five bases we are now at. “according to excerpts from an interview with Tolo News.


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