Turkey's mercenaries burn, uproot 5,000+ olive trees in Afrin

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries have burned the olive trees in Mobata district and destroyed more than 5,000 trees in the village of Khazayneh in the area.

Since Turkey's occupation of Afrin, the practices of its mercenaries have not ceased to destroy the nature of Afrin, encroach on it, cut down trees and move its firewood to Turkey.

According to information a local source told our agency's correspondent, the mercenaries of the so-called "Brigade 112 and the Third Brigade" in the area of ​​Mobata set fire to olive groves in the area.

The source said that more than 1,000 olive trees were burned as mercenaries burned dozens of trees in Shera district, too.

In the same context, the same source reported that mercenaries were cutting olive trees in the village of Khazyaneh in Mobata. The source stated that more than 5,000 trees had been cut and mercenaries were continuing their violations.

It is noteworthy that mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army, since the occupation of Afrin, have burned an area of ​​more than 14 thousand hectares of agricultural land and thousands of fruit trees and forest in the villages and areas of Afrin, and looted the olive harvest of the people and imposed random taxes on them.



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