Turkey 's mercenaries kidnapped 7 citizens among them woman

On Monday evening, Turkish occupation 's gangs kidnapped 7 citizens among them woman in the districts of Shia and Janders in Afrin canton.


ANHA agency learnt from local sources that al-Hamzat belonging to Turkish occupation kidnapped a Yazidi citizen, Izkdan Aref Hasso, 32, year –old, from the village of Fakira in Janders district.

While Ahrar al-Sharqiyya abducted woman Siran Mustafa Rashed, the wife of Hanan Khalil Jando, and Bawar Khalil Jando, from the village of Miska, belonging to Janders district.

In Shia district, the mercenaries of Sultan Salman Shah, known as al-Amshat, kidnapped Ali' Aref Hamid, a resident of the village of Jagli.

The mercenaries of al-Muntasir Billah, belonging to the Turkish occupation army, kidnapped the citizens Ismael Kur Seydo and the engineer Ahmad Mukhtar Seydo from the people of Shia district.

The source said that the seven abductees were taken to an unknown destination.



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