Turkey gangs targeted Jablah city again

 A civilian killed and four others wounded after the mercenary gangs in Idlib and the northern countryside of Lattakia targeted the surrounding Jablah city with rockets.

According to media outlets close to the Syrian regime that the mercenary gangs of the Turkish occupation who are holed up in the province of Idlib and the northern countryside of Lattakia near the Turkish border targeted the village of Bakhdromo village of the countryside of Jablah, which left a victim and wounded 4 others as well as inflicting financial damage to homes.

According to the information obtained, both Jabhet al-Nusra, the Turkestan Party and other organizations are moving among the border areas with the support of the Turkish regime, whose Intelligence Services facilitate the introduction of terrorists and mercenaries, organize and support them with money and weapons to attack.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported explosions near the Airport of Hmeimim, and that the explosions were caused by the mercenary gangs targeting Hmeimim Airport - the largest Russian base in Syria with missiles amid the confrontation of the defenses. The area known as the zone of De-escalation has witnessed since several days clashes and skirmishes between the forces of the regime and the mercenary gangs supported by Turkey, amid reports that the forces of the regime are bringing elements to that area.

On April 28, the groups linked to Turkey tried to target Hmeimim airport through reconnaissance planes, and no details of the targeting have been received so far.



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