"Turkey aims by threats to distract attention from its internal problems"

The member of the Future Syria Party-Afrin branch Mohammed Rashid, said that the Turkish threats to occupy al-Shahba and northeastern Syria "aim only at distracting attention from the internal problems in Turkey."

"We cannot predict what will happen to Idlib," he said in an interview with Hawar news agency, adding that what was happening in Idlib was "creative chaos devised by some extremist groups that the Turkish state supports."

"The presence of neutral forces in Idlib does not mean that it will seek a political solution in the region. On the contrary, it may prolong the war due to conflicting interests," he said. "Everyone considers that what is happening in Idlib is bone-breaking battles."

"The forces that aim to prolong the war in Syria do not want to see the democratic forces," he said.

On the other hand, Rashid said that the Turkish threats to occupy al-Shahba canton and northern and eastern Syria areas "is to divert attention from the internal crisis in Turkey, and everyone knows that Turkey is experiencing internal crises after buying the system S400 and its exploration for gas in the Mediterranean."

Rashid believes that James Jeffrey's tours and US officials "is to inform Turkey that it has no role in the area in which it is floundering. The Turkish state cannot take a course for itself without reference to the International Coalition and Russia."

"At that meeting, the parties agreed to get Turkey and Iran out of Syria and keep it out of the region," Rashid said of the meeting, which brought together Israel, Russia and the United States.

Rashid considered that the solutions will come from peaceful entrepreneurs and democratic projects that benefit the Syrian people, who have suffered so much during the eight years of the crisis. "Therefore, we consider that the involvement of democratic forces is very important and can be relied upon to establish democracy."

At the end of his speech, Rashid said that "Idlib is the key to the solution, if not rely on a political solution, the crisis in practice will be like the beginning and cannot get out of the closed circle in Syria."



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