Turkey ... the Kurds between the Corona crisis and government policy

With the emergence of the new Coronavirus around the world, millions of the Kurdish people live with some minorities in Turkey, additional concerns, especially since large numbers of them do not know the Turkish language, and it is the only one that is adopted by the official institutions in the country.

The Peoples’ Democratic Party called on government authorities and the Ministry of Health and its bodies to publish guidelines and information on the virus in other languages ​​spoken in Turkey, including Kurdish.

Zayat Ceylan, the co-chair of the "People's Democratic Party" in the city of Diyarbakir in southeastern Turkey, renewed his demand for the use of the Kurdish language by Turkish medical institutions, which publishes the developments of the Coronavirus through websites and local media.

"The World Health Organization has published several data and videos showing ways to prevent this virus in the Kurdish language," Zayat told Arab Net.

"But health organizations and institutions here in Turkey do not use the Kurdish language at all, and there are many who are not fluent in the Turkish language, and they should know what is happening regarding the new virus, so the authorities must circulate information in their mother tongue."

He continued, "The Kurdish people do not watch the government Kurdish-speaking 6TRT channel, as they describe them as terrorists."

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