"To consolidate security, peace in Syria, experience of DAA must be deepened"

On the occasion of the International Day of Peace, Terbispia  District Council called for consolidating the experience of Democratic Autonomous Administration(DAA) of the north and east of Syria on all Syrian lands to establish peace and security.

On the occasion of the International Day of Peace on September 1 of each year, today, Terbispia District Council issued a statement to the public which was read in front of the Council by the co-chair of the Council, Abdul Rahim Hassou which stated:" In conjunction with World Peace Day, Syria is entering the mid-ninth year and still experiencing a real humanitarian catastrophe and tragedy as a result of the ongoing war and terrorist acts by extremist groups against all humanity."

The statement pointed out: "During this worsening situation and the accompanying plans, plots and attacks organized by extremist terrorist groups, led by ISIS and the policy of the Turkish regime to provoke strife between its components and support for extremist groups, the experience of DAA in northern and eastern Syria came and has made components North and East of Syria need to be much more in need of spreading the culture and values of peace."

The district council demanded to support the experience of the DAA of the north and east of Syria and its military power, which sacrificed to consolidate peace and establish a democratic experience that is unique in an environment full of tyranny and injustice.


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