Thousands of Algerian university students demonstrated

Thousands of Algerians gathered Tuesday in the center of the capital, demanding the departure of "symbols of the regime" and stressing the peaceful protests.

Thousands of university students began gathering in the center of the Algerian capital on Tuesday, despite heavy police deployments that prevented them from reaching the central post office, which has been gripped by protests since February 22.

The students came from several universities and institutes of Algeria, and assured AFP that they are in a strike that is renewed at the end of each week, in order to demand the departure of the "regime."

Police have become stricter with protesters in the capital outside Friday, the weekly date of mass demonstrations across the country, seven weeks ago.

Last Tuesday, police used tear gas to try to disperse students, while previously monitoring them without intervening.

For the protesters, the survival of figures from the regime left by Bouteflika after 20 years of government cannot guarantee free and fair presidential elections.



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