They derive strength from detainees in Turkish prisons

Families of detainees of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement to the Turkish state who are participating in the hunger strike campaign said that they are proud of their children and following their path. 

This came during our agency, Hawar news agency's meeting with people from Afrin canton, who are now living in al-Shahba canton after the Turkish state aggression on Afrin, and who are families of detainees from the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in the Turkish state, as they said they are on the path of their children.

Shukri Hamoudi from Haj Hassena village in Afrin and now is residing in Babens village of al-Shahba canton said, "When my younger brother Akram whose nom de guerre is Tulhdan was at the age of 18 years, he was introduced to the thought of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, and joined the armed struggle in 1985 in Lebanon to start his path towards Freedom."

Hamoudi continued, "In 1989, after strong clashes between them and the Turkish occupation, my brother got wounded in his chest, so he headed towards one of the near houses, but after reporting his place by the spies, the Turkish occupation army arrested him."

Hamoudi said that his brother Akram was sentenced to life imprisonment, "but his resistance did not stop. He participated in many hunger strikes to remove the isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan. Due to that, my brother has been also suffering from many diseases, including diabetes, blood pressure, and poor vision. In spite of his difficult health status, my brother is now taking part in the hunger strike led by the parliamentarian Leyla Kuven in Bakur (North Kurdistan) and Turkey."

Shukri Hamoudi said that he has not seen his brother since 30 years, and expressed his pride of him, confirming to follow his footsteps, and that they draw strength from him.








The mother Zeinab Haj Mos from Rajo district in Afrin canton who is residing now in Helisa village in al-Shahba canton said, "My son Abdo Haj Mos, known by his nom de guerre as Baz, was arrested by the Turkish occupation in 1994 for refusing the Kurdish people' keeping under the rule and oppression of the occupier."

The mother Zeinab Haj Mos said, "Baz joined the hunger strike campaign led by the parliamentarian Leyla Koven for nearly five months to lift the extreme isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan."

She added, "I am proud of my son Abdo for not accepting that the Kurdish people remain under oppression and tyranny. His and his comrades' resistance in the prisons of the Turkish occupation is great."

In turn, Ahmed Abdo from Sherawa district in Afrin canton who is living now in Ahdath district in al-Shahba canton said, "My brother Hassen Abdo, the nom de guerre is Serbest, was arrested 20 years ago in 1999 by the Turkish occupation because of his demand for his freedom and the freedom of the Kurdish people throughout Kurdistan."

"My brother Hassen is existed now in one of the Turkish prisons in Istanbul city, he does not get his legitimate rights of his relatives' visit, and he is prevented even from making any contact with his family," Ahmed Abdo said.

Ahmed Abdo touched upon the hunger strike and said, "My brother is participating with more than 7,000 hunger strikers in the campaign led by Leyla Koven for nearly five months against the Turkish fascism and to demand ending the isolation imposed on the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan."

Ahmed Abdo added, "My brother is 45 years old, and despite suffering from many diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure, my brother continues his hunger strike. I am proud of his resistance and hunger strike. All his family and I are proud of him."


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