The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation surrender to SDF

After the losses they received, three members of the Turkish occupation army’s mercenaries surrendered to SDF in Serê Kaniyê.

Our agency reported that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries are unable to advance in the areas of northern and eastern Syria, because the Syrian Democratic Forces confront them and inflict heavy losses on them.

Our correspondent explained that the mercenaries are frustrated and cannot withstand, and in this context 3 of the elements of mercenaries of the Turkish occupation surrendered themselves to the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Our correspondent explained, that one of the elements surrendered himself in Mazrat Maji east of Serê Kaniyê, while the other mercenaries surrendered themselves on the road connecting the road between Serê Kaniyê and Hasaka.

Our reporter said that the mercenaries are now in the hands of SDF fighters.


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