The fate of Daesh mercenaries' families… Where to?

There are 26,000 women in al-Hol camp, and there are 36 humanitarian organizations and societies. However, they are ignoring the status of Daesh families. The most important thing is that the ideas planted in these families are very dangerous.

In late 2014, mercenaries were deployed under the name of "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria". They were able to occupy vast areas in Syria and Iraq in a short period of time. They used the border crossings between them and Turkey to introduce foreign mercenaries to join their ranks, in addition to receiving financial and logistical support from Turkey.

The military presence of mercenaries in Syria came to an end when, in March 23, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the elimination of Daesh presence in the village of al-Bagouz in the eastern suburb of Deir ez-Zor.

Thousands of civilians have been released from the occupation zones and thousands of mercenaries have surrendered themselves to SDF. There are now 11,000 and 39 women and children from foreign mercenaries' families, with 3,318 tents in their own camp.

On the right side of the camp, and in the sixth and seventh sections, which have been added to al-Hol camp since last February, some 15,000 people from Daesh families have been living: children and wives of Syrian and Iraqi mercenaries.

During the military operations launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces since 2015 against mercenaries supported by the International Coalition, they succeeded in eliminating mercenaries gradually, and succeeded in arresting thousands of mercenaries and their families. These numbers have recently increased in the battle to defeat terrorism, which began on 11 September 2017, where the mercenaries were transferred to al-Hol camp east of Hasakah.

When you walk through al-Hol camp and photograph the reality there, you will not be able to escape the insults of Daesh women, where the mindset planted in their minds is immediately shown, and even you might be beaten by women and children.

This poses a great danger if these children grow up on this mentality. They will seek to spread their terrorist ideas. Therefore, if the world does not move, their silence will open the way for the spread of these ideas.

The Syrian Democratic Forces had declared that they had defeated Daesh militarily, but there was still a danger from their sleeping cells.

At this stage, the rehabilitation of the mercenaries' families in al-Hol camp is important and necessary, and all efforts must be made in this sphere, although 36 civil and governmental entities operate in the camp alongside UNHCR and the International Committee of the Red Cross in the whole works on the service and logistics side, and moved away from education and rehabilitation of individuals.

Taking care of the humanitarian, service, and health aspects is not wrong. It is necessary, but the most important aspect is the awareness and rehabilitation. The rehabilitation process will enable organizations to better practice their work in an atmosphere of respect for each other and help them to return to normalcy.

While the Autonomous Administration appeals to northern and eastern Syria for regional and international countries to evacuate its citizens who were in the ranks of Daesh, these appeals have not been heard, and called on the administration to establish international courts on Syrian territory to prosecute these mercenaries.

The camp administration appealed to the concerned authorities to rehabilitate the residents of al-Hol camp. Will the authorities respond to this call? If an expanded rehabilitation project is not put in place, the situation will worsen.



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