TEV-DEM: Turkish violations increasing to annexation, changing Afrin identity

Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) has condemned the Turkish occupation for building the separation wall of Afrin from the geography of Syria, and stressed that the Turkish occupation is escalating and deteriorating the position to disrupt the political solution by bypassing the state of occupation to reach the stage of annexation, melting, the total demographic change, changing the identity of Syrian Kurdish Afrin, and making it part of the Turkish state entity.

 This came in a statement issued by (TEV-DEM) in response to the Turkish occupation's intention for some time to built the separation wall around Afrin canton in an attempt to take it away from Syria and annex it to Turkey, and the statement said:

"We in (TEV-DEM) denounce and condemn in the strongest terms the Turkish occupation state's construction of a wall to isolate Afrin from the geography of Syria, and we affirm that we will resist the occupation by all means possible under international law.

At the time when international attempts are taking place to form a committee to draft a new transitional Syrian constitution to move towards a political solution, the Turkish occupation state is working to escalate and worsen the situation to disrupt the political solution by bypassing the state of occupation to reach the stage of annexation, melting, the total demographic change, changing the identity of the Syrian Kurdish Afrin in addition to making it a part of the Turkish state's entity, defying all international laws, charters and treaties by attacking the sovereignty of a Member State of the United Nations.

The Syrian regime stands silent and complicit towards the annexation of a part of Syria to Turkey, thus the regime deserves the trial with the same charge and evidence that it is a partner in this occupation through its silence and complicity, and not to demand holding a meeting of the Security Council in this regard.

Turkey has been silent and has not built walls of isolation between it and the terrorist organizations such as Daesh, Jabhet al-Nusra, and the rest of the organizations, but provided them with weapons, money and medicine, and provided them with all the necessary resources for the continuation of violence and terrorism in Syria, the obstruction of any convergence among the Syrian forces, and the domination of the forces of terrorism on a large geography of Syria with a plan and flagrant support spotted by the media in daylight.

Turkey is seeking to annex Afrin to the borders of the Turkish state, as the Turkish occupation forces began to build the most recent separation around the Syrian city of Afrin in an attempt to annex it to Turkey. While Ankara is invoking security considerations, but it wants to apply the Cypriot scenario and the scenario of Iskenderun in the Syrian territories once again in front of a shameful international silence and a special Russian complicity that legitimize partition, occupation and deduction in favor of Turkey. Russia must assume the full moral and historical responsibility for any consequences arising from the heinous Turkish act.

We call upon the international community with all its organizations and forces of the Security Council, the United Nations and the League of Arab States, and also all the democratic forces and advocators of peace and freedom to move to stop all practices of the Turkish occupation state in Afrin, Idlib, al-Bab, Jarablus and Azaz, put pressure on it to get out of the Syrian territory and respect the will of its people to live on their land in accordance with a constitution stemming from their free will without external interference."



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