Syrian regime launches counterattack against Turkey's mercenaries in Idlib countryside

Regime forces are launching a counterattack against Turkish mercenary groups in the southern countryside of Idlib in order to recapture the areas lost yesterday.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), strong clashes on several axes in the southeastern countryside of Idlib continued between the mercenary gangs of Turkey on the one hand and the regime forces on the other.

According to the Observatory, the regime forces have been carrying out a counterattack since the middle of the night with intensive Russian air cover as well as heavy ground bombardment, in order to retake the areas lost to the mercenaries during the day of Saturday, Ejaz, Soroj, Istablat and Rasam al-Ward.

The Syrian Observatory has documented casualties from the counter-attack, where at least 12 regime forces have been killed since midnight and seven mercenaries have been killed.

The mercenary gangs launched a violent attack yesterday on the positions of regime forces in the southern countryside of Idlib trying to advance in the area.

Areas of so-called "De-escalation" in recent days have witnessed fierce fighting between Turkey's mercenary gangs and regime forces with Russian support, this escalation was accompanied by a new round of the so-called Constitutional Committee, which failed to hold its meetings due to disagreements between the regime's delegations and the Turkish delegation.



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