Syrian refugees sell their organs in Turkey to survive

The Syrians, who were supposed to help Turkey, which is ranting it to help, resort to selling their organs to survive, Syrians suffering from the scourge of war ....

CBS News released a documentary film in which talked about the desperation of the Syrian refugees in Turkey who sell their members on the black market just to meet their daily needs.

The documentary film "Selling organs to survive", in which CBS used hidden cameras to investigate Facebook posts, shows funds offered to refugees to sell their kidneys and part of their liver, and they find that vulnerable refugees are being duped into paying a small amount of money, after having Their organs are taken.

CBS presented the story of Abu Abdullah, who fled the civil war in Syria four years ago and who was earning $ 300 a month as a miner in Turkey, and after watching a Facebook post, Abdullah made a deal with a mediator to sell one of his kidneys in exchange for 10,000 dollars.

Abdullah told CBS News that the member's broker paid half of the agreed price and then disappeared, and Abdullah said he had not received any care after that, and was feeling a lot of pain.

CBS said it is illegal to buy and sell human organs in Turkey, and organ donors usually have to prove that they are close to the recipient, and Abdullah believes that the man who paid for his kidney was from Europe, and he told CBS that the hospital asked him to verbally confirm that they were cousins ​​30 minutes before the surgery.

CBS also spoke to a mother of three daughters called Umm Muhammad, who sold half of her liver for $ 4,000, in exchange for paying the annual rent for the apartment where she lives.

Yazan Shishakli, a Syrian-American businessman, told CBS that he had created an organization to support refugees in Turkey, and he was not surprised that some poor Syrians had resorted to selling their organs.

"They have no options, they think, I don't care about death, at least I will have some money to give to my family," he told CBS.

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