​​​​​​​Syriac woman: Hevrin Khalaf became peace massage for all women

The Syriac woman Eileen Korkis in Dêrik congratulated the eighth of March, and said: "Hevrin Khalaf's soul has become a message of peace for all the women of the world." She called on women to struggle against the occupation and the authoritarian mentality.

The speech of Eileen Korkis, the official of the Syriac Union Party in Dêrik city in al-Jazeera region came on the occasion of the International Women's Day.

At the beginning of the conversation, Eileen Korkis congratulated the women with all Syriac, Kurdish and Arab components and said: "Women, since the long history and throughout the ages, have sacrificed for their freedom and the freedom of society, have experienced difficulties and violence and have crossed all barriers that faced them in the past to carry the message of safety and freedom to the present day.

Eileen indicated that since the outbreak of the revolution, women in north and east Syria have been one hand at all domains to protect society and protect themselves against all attacks.

Eileen added that the Turkish occupation in every attack on the regions of north and east Syria targets women in the first place, as they targeted the Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party in the most horrific way. Hevrin has become the message of peace for all women.

Women must struggle against occupation

Eileen Korkis called on all women, especially the women of north and east Syria to continue the struggle and be one hand against the occupation to liberate all the regions and Syria.


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