Syriac Military Council: Turkey is danger to Syriac people, all components of region

We are well aware that the objective of the Turkish occupation is sabotage, destabilization of security and stability, and the elimination of all the components that coexist here," the spokesman of the Syriac Military Council said.

With the aim of striking the democratic project, security and stability in the north-east of Syria, which was achieved thanks to the unity of all components and unite to defeat all terrorist groups, headed by mercenaries, supported and supported by Turkey, the heads of the Turkish regime occasionally launch threats to occupy northern and eastern Syria.

The northern and eastern parts of Syria believe that Turkey is threatening their security and stability, while others believe that any possible Turkish attack would constitute a new genocide against them, such as the Syriac people, who suffered the scourge of the successive Turkish regimes that committed massacres against them in the previous eras such as the massacre of the Armenians and the massacre of Sifu in the 19th century, therefore, they have shown their rejection of these threats, and affirm that they will resist anyone who tries to undermine their security and stability.

Regarding the Turkish threats to the north and east of Syria, the Syrian military council sent a letter to the American administration that "any Turkish attack on the region would endanger the lives of about 100,000 Christians."

Turkey aims to eliminate all the component in the region

Abjer Yacoub confirms said that we have been able to face the attacks of Daesh and defeated them in the last stronghold in the town of al-Baguoz. Now we are fighting the sleeper cells to ensure the security of the region. Any Turkish aggression will have great repercussions.

We are well aware that the aim of the Turkish occupation is sabotage, destabilizing security and stability in the region and eliminating all the elements.

Abjer Yacoub confirms their stand against any possible aggression, and that as a Syriac Military Council, which represents the Syriac people in northern and eastern Syria, they fought mercenaries of Daesh, together with their brothers from the Kurds and Arabs, under the roof of SDF, and they will deal with any Turkish attack on the region and in Afrin and the northern areas it occupied, and we will not allow this to happen again in our areas.

The fate of all components is one fate

The spokesman of the Syriac Military Council for North and East Syria confirms that the fate of all components within the north and east of Syria is linked to each other.

On the letter sent by the Syriac Military Council to the US administration, Abjer Yacoub explained: "We tried to clarify that the threats of the Turkish occupation negatively affect the Syriac component. We stressed in our letter that the fate of the components of the region is one and any attack on the Kurds will affect the  Syriac people and the Arabs.

Abjer Yacoub pointed out that they are communicating with European countries and other countries to confirm the seriousness of the Turkish threats on all components of the region.



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