Syriac, Chaldean's sects in Dêrik reject Turkish threats, its participation in buffer zone

The Syriac and Chaldean component in the city of Dêrik condemned the Turkish threats to against the areas of north and east of Syria, and rejected Turkey's participation in the "buffer zone" because its participation "will lead to massacres against the peoples and components of the region."

 The Turkish occupation state, led by the Justice and Development Party (AKP), continues to seek to establish a buffer zone under various names to occupy the area and revive terrorist gangs.

Dêrik residents of the Syriac and Chaldean components, talked to Hawar news agency (ANHA) about the Turkish threats to north and east of Syria.

Sida Hanna Ibrahim of the Chaldean component stressed that the threats of the Turkish occupation are detrimental to the stability of the region and northeastern Syria, and rejected "categorically those threats that destabilize the security and stability of the peoples and components of the region."

Turkey's participation in buffer zone will lead to massacres on the peoples of north and east of Syria

"The Turkish occupation has committed many massacres against the peoples of the region, especially the genocide of the Armenians in 1915, and the massacres against Syriac, Chaldeans and all the peoples of the region without discrimination, so we reject Turkey's participation in the establishment of a buffer zone on the borders of north and east of Syria."

Sida noted that the peoples of north and east of Syria are cohesive "and one hand in the face of the Turkish threats, which is trying through its threats to revive the Ottoman Empire at the expense of the peoples of the region" stressing that the region is enjoying peace and stability and any Turkish intervention will lead to massacres and disasters against peoples.

Sida pointed out to all the victories that had been achieved by the Syrian Democratic Forces and Women's Protection Units over ISIS mercenaries which supported by the Turkish occupation, she noted that Turkey's goal of the buffer zone is to "resettle its mercenaries, disrupt security, loot and steal people's properties."

Turkey's goal of the buffer zone is to sow discord between peoples and components

For his part, Gabriel Ibrahim Lahdo from the Syriac component said, "Turkey's goal of these threats is to occupy the region under the pretext of establishing a buffer zone, and control of north and east of Syria and sowing discord among peoples."

Lahdo touching upon to the Turkish massacres against the components, especially the massacre of Sevo, which left behind thousands of Christians component dead, he stressed that Turkey's primary objective in establishing the buffer zone is to "revive its mercenaries, implement its plans through these terrorist organizations and secure a buffer zone for its mercenaries."




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