Students of Afrin Region celebrate Kurdish Language Day

Under the slogan, "In the spirit of May 15, we will free Afrin "Hundreds of students from the school of youth in al-Shahba canton celebrated the Kurdish language today.

Hundreds of students gathered with their parents in the yard of al-Ahdath School, which was decorated with pictures of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, activist Leila Guven, the martyrs of the Resistance of the Age.

The celebration began with holding a minute of silence, followed by a speech by the director of the Committee for the Education of Democratic Society, Delshad Amara, and the administrative at Kongra Star Hevei Mustafa.

Where speeches congratulated this day on the general Kurdish people and all students and teachers.

The speeches emphasized that they will continue the struggle and resistance in all forms to preserve the mother tongue and liberate Afrin and return to it.

Then a number of students gave poems in the Kurdish language, simulating the suffering suffered by the people of Afrin because of the Turkish aggression against them.



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