Strong battles in al-Baguz, SDF advance

Al-Baguz village, the last strongholds of the IS' mercenaries are witnessing strong battles meanwhile after the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) declared the launch of the last stage to liberate what remained of the village on Friday evening.


The official spokesman on behalf of SDF Mostafa Bali assured to Hawar news agency that the last spot of al-Baguz village where IS mercenaries are existed is witnessing strong battles this night after SDF announced to start the final stage to liberate this last spot.

Bali pointed out that SDF are bombarding the mercenaries' sites and progressing from several axes amid the hovering of the International Coalition's aircrafts that launched several raids on a number of the points where the mercenaries are fortified in.

It is worth mentioning that SDF managed to evacuate the last batch of the civilians from al-Baguz village on Friday, and the General Command of SDF declared on Friday evening at 18:00 the start of the last stage to liberate what remained of al-Baguz village.   


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