'Strikers' resistance will reap its benefits soon'

Women from the cantons of Afrin and al-Shahba; Kurdish and Arab indicated that the campaign of hunger strike would soon be fruitful and stressed that continuing this path would bring the people to freedom and living in dignity.

The campaign of hunger strike led by the Parliamentarian Leyla Guven and hundreds of detainees in the Turkish occupation prisons continues, demanding to lift the isolation of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. In this regard, women from Afrin and al-Shahba pointed out that they would continue to support the resistance of hunger strikers.

Konaya Hussein from Afrin canton said, "More than 190 days have passed and the Parliamentarian Leyla Guven and hundreds of detainees continue the campaign of hunger strikes in occupation jails, and international states turn a blind eye to what is happening."

For her part, Suad Saleh from al-Shahba canton praised the hunger strikers' resistance and added, "On behalf of all the women of al-Shahba, we salute the resistance campaign to lift the isolation on the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan."

Suad Saleh made clear that this campaign was another kind of resistance, and added, "This campaign, which has resonated all over the world, will be fruitful."

Sultana Ali spoke and praised the strength of women and their ability to resist in all resistance forms, and said, "The resistance of the MP Leyla Guven showed the whole world the strength and will of the free woman, capable of leading the entire society."

Sultana Ali concluded by stressing the continuation of the resistance until lifting the isolation on the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan.



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