Sterilization process in al-Jazeera region is continuing

Today, the people’s municipality in Tel Hamis has sterilized the main streets of the district, sidewalks, shop doors, security centers and the Autonomous Administration institutions to stave off the appearance of the Coruna virus and eliminate bacteria for the second time.

Municipalities of the people in al-Jazeera region continue campaigns to clean and sterilize cities and districts to ward off the emergence of the new Corona virus, in coordination with the crisis cell. Today, the municipality of the people in Tel Hamis district sterilized civil institutions, the center of internal security forces, streets, sidewalks, and shop doors for the second time.

The residents and elements of the Internal Security Forces helped to sterilize the teams to clean and sterilize the streets, in a step that indicates a spirit of help and joint action to avoid the emergence of the Corona virus.

The co-chair of the people’s municipality in Tal Hamis district, Abdel Rahman Al-Hadi, explained that work is being done to sterilize the centers, institutions, streets of the district, and its affiliated towns.


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