Standing behind Heftanin resistance is duty, national unity is sufficient to deter attacks

Residents of Qamishlo indicated that the HPG fighters show great resistance in Heftanin, so that supporting it is duty. They said that national unity is capable of deterring all attacks and genocidal campaigns against them.

Within the framework of the legitimate right of self-defense, HPG fighters show great resistance in the areas of legitimate defense, especially the Heftanin region, in the face of the recent Turkish attacks that started on June 16. In the same context, the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries intensified their attacks on the northeast of Syria .

The fighters of the People's Defense Forces and the people of Kurdistan have a prominent role in thwarting the Turkish occupation’s plans in the region. In this regard the people of the NE regions of Syria stress the need to escalate the resistance, and close ranks to deter the occupied Turkish attacks, not submit to the dirty policies that Turkey pursues against the people of Kurdistan.

Alwan Abbas, praised the resistance of the People's Defense Forces and the people of the region in the face of the Turkish occupation. He said: "All the people of the region and northeast of Syria must stand together against the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its plans in the region, and escalate the resistance against these attacks." .

Turkey targets all components

Abbas noted that the Turkish occupation does not only target a component or region, but rather all components of the NE Syria. He called on them to close ranks, and to walk the line of struggle and resistance. He also called on international organizations and the United Nations to break away from its silence towards Turkey.

As for Maher Hussein, he explained that the resistance of the Kurdish people continues in the face of Turkish attacks in NE Syria and Kurdistan, and he said: "It requires the Kurdish people to support the resistance of Heftanin against the Turkish occupation."

He noted that the Kurdish people must be well aware that these attacks target its existence, and these attacks are a matter of concern for all, consequently, they have to unite their ranks as soon as possible."

Heftanin Resistance to be recorded in the history of the Kurdish people

In turn, Saleh Al-Omar indicated that the HPG fighters show great resistance in Heftanin. Every Kurd  is required to support this resistance, and said: "This resistance will be recorded in the history of the Kurdish people."

And Al-Omer noted: "We are the children of the Kurdish people, we know very well that no one supports us in our revolution, so we must unite our ranks and support the resistance of Heftanin, and thwart the Turkish plans."

Al-Omar indicated that the Turkish occupation would not be able to end the existence of the Kurdish people, and said: "The Kurdish people have been fighting for centuries, and will continue to pursue struggle and resistance."

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