Sources: Joint French-German delegation discusses to support AA politically

A high-level German-French delegation visited the headquarters of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and expressed its support for AA at the political and service levels in the region.

The delegation, which visited the headquarters of the autonomous administration and the Syrian Democratic Council in the Ain Issa area of the the canton of Tel-Abyed, yesterday, the representatives of the French Foreign Ministry Eric Schwalier and a representative of the German Foreign Ministry Clemens Hatch.

The delegation was received by the Deputy co-chair of the Executive Council Farhad al-Shibli, the co-chair of the Department of Foreign Relations Abdul Karim Omar and Amal Dada, and officials in AA.


he delegation met with representatives of the AA in a closed meeting with the media, according to some sources, the discussion during the meeting, which lasted for hours, discussed several important topics centered on the support of AA politically to participate in the political process and the transfer of its demands to the governments of their countries.

In addition to discussing the situation in the region in general, in particular a mechanism for the prosecution of ISIS mercenaries, and support for AA directly and indirectly (through humanitarian organizations) to contribute to the reconstruction process.

In addition, there was a discussion about the mechanism of supporting the educational sector and providing the necessary needs for the development of this sector in the region.

At the end of the meeting, the representative of the French Foreign Ministry made a statement to the media:   "I am the Director of the Crisis Center of the French Foreign Ministry in France, here to work on the stabilization of the areas of northern and eastern Syria and provide humanitarian support to improve the living conditions of people in northern and eastern Syria.

He added: "France has developed many projects since 2017 to support the people in this region, including health, education and agriculture, and in the field of supporting civil society institutions, and also helped in demining and we know that there are many challenges facing this region, but we as France and in cooperation with some partners excited to work together, to help people improve their lives.

On their meeting with the self-management, Eric Schwalier said: "Today we met leaders in Ain Issa to discuss various projects and to explain to them what we are developing and we will do more, for example that yesterday we visited al-Raqqa, and was surprised by the new projects that were developed and developed in al-Raqqa. These projects are supported in a-Raqqa. For example, we support the medical departments in Al-Raqqa National Hospital, support many clinics and demining activities in al-Raqqa, and support civil society activities.



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