SOHR:Regime forces control Temana, its vicinity southeast of Khanshiekhon

The regime forces controlled al-Temana town and the surrounding hamlets southeast of Khanshiekhon after heavy shelling on the area.

SOHR reported that the clashes continue between the Syrian regime and the terrorist's factions and mercenaries supported by Turkey on the axis of Khanshiehon after the regime forces controlled al-Tamana town and the surrounding hamlets after they besieged the town from two sides; from the east and the south.

The regime forces managed to advance from the north and managed to control "Sidi Ali" Hill, which overlook Tehtaya and Em Jalal hamlets and trying to advance toward Em Jalal hamlets and Tahataya town from two sides; north and south of the village, in line with the heavy air and ground shelling targeted the hubs of the fighting.

In a related context, the Syrian Regime and the Russian gurantor warplanes continue shlleing Maret al-Numan towns and its countryside which witnessing clashes ongoing battles, where the warplanes launched more than 60 raids, and airstrikes 22 of them launched by the Syrian regime forces warplans.

SANA of the Syrian Regime quated a  military source that the troops fighting on both South of Idlib countryside and the Southeast countryside continue their special operations in stiking thehotbeds of the terrorist factons backed by Turkey in the areas they were controlled after they suffered hwavy losses in elements and weapons.

It added," till today's morning they managed to liberate many towns, villages, and hamlets and managed to control (al-Khwen al-Kabir-Tal Ghebar-al-Sekyat –Tal Sekyat-al-Tamana-Tal Turki-Tal al-Sed Ali-Tal al-Sed Jaffar and the hamlets of Tmana of west and east.)

In another context, the Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Jawish Oglo said today, that Turkey took guarantees from Russia on not attacking the Turkish observations posts by the regime forces.

Observers see that Erdogan did not manage to stop the offensive on Idlib and only he tries to protect the observations points.



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